All stories are relevant

and can bring us together

That’s why in Merakimú we design workshops where we share, listen and value all personal stories. 

Because we know one thing. We know that when we generate real bonds, people show who they are and can discover their potential, vulnerability and essence.

And only then, by being connected, we are the network to knit change. 

We design plans with impact

So you grow roots and wings...

For your organization

We improve the corporate climate and identity.
We promote productivity through collective well-being. 
We facilitate team connections and co-creation.

For your school

We offer innovation and focus on educational challenges.
We provide teacher training and at class interventions. 
We improve the cohesion of student groups and teachers.

For you

We organize thematic sessions to foster individual changemaking mindset.
We apply our methodology to the current challenges of individuals and groups.
Give value to your story, connect with others and generate conversations you have never had before.

Hear it from those who participated.

We let you look into our office window and see what we've done.
Swipe and interact through our work.:

This is us, and more!

Same values, different abilities...
Marta Michans

Founder of Merakimú. Lingüista, masters in Psychopedagogy

Facilitator, project manager.

Vanesa Ortega

Founder of PerspectivaMente. Pedagogue, masters in Social Education.

Content creator, online teacher. 

Pedro Tomás

Founder of PerCorda. Co-founder of Fem Llitera. Double bassist, Pyschology degree.

Analyst, musician and facilitator.

Rubén Aguilar

Computer engineer, master’s degree in project management. Engineer at PerspectivaMente.

Technical web manager.

Merakimú advocates care, humanizes relationships and knits the web in which change can thrive.

We feel comfortable working across three axes: world, society and person

For more stories...

You can find us here 🙂

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